Philosophy of life in the 21st century, part one.

31 03 2009

We are all confronted with life’s issues, the meaning and purpose of our existence. Through the ages religions have had a lot of followers. Religious doctrine gave a firm and “safe” scope, which people had to follow and generally did follow. In the previous century resistance to taboos and imposed dogmas led to dechristianisation and secularisation and the rise of atheism, humanism and new spiritual movements. In the present century the Islam is on the rise in western society. The handed-down commandments, bans and religion doctrine are not taken for granted any more. People try in vain to realize a world that can be moulded and measured. More and more a lot of people ask themselves the probing question “Where and how are we to find something to hold on to?”

In my opinion the inner knowledge, the truth, is in our Self. Active belief does not mean to follow but it means having an inner dialogue with oneself and an essential conversation with one another. Belief in the 21st century means developing awareness of, searching for and refinding our Self, others and the Being. We will find the answers to life’s issues in our Self and in our experiences and vicissitudes of life. By way of (inner) dialogue. With a positive, but critical eye we will look at the values, conventions and convictions of our ancestors and educators. And then we will ask ourselves (our Selves) whether we agree with it entirely, partially or not at all. That is the end of repeating and reflecting uncritically and the beginning of reflection and thorough consideration. We will no longer uncritically follow a leader, but we will be our own leaders.

That means that we will be individually and jointly responsible for the world(s) in which we live, reside and work. We will discover the common source of the various philosophies of life and the common answers to life’s issues, through openness to our Selves, other people and another things. We will (re)discover our unique personal identity and our collective solidarity. We can help each other by our awakening and awareness and by our conscious acts. Along that way we will get to a colorful and dynamic belief and knowledge. The time is definitely ripe for sustainable, true, spiritual globalization based on unity in multiplicity.