The 21st century: End of the primacy of business economics principles

11 02 2009

For centuries, economic reasons have prevailed and up to this day they still do. Corporate social responsibility, emancipation and diversity are almost exclusively “sold” underlining the economic advantage that can be gained by it. “CSR is the best guarantee for turnover and profit” and “Top women bring in money.” In the nineteenth century the headlines would probably have been “More profit without slaves” and in the last century “More turnover without racial discrimination.” But there is another way!

A limited and short-sighted view

The majority of local and international political decisions, for instance with regard to social and welfare issues, are taken on the basis of economic and financial advantage. Rich countries make a lot of money on development aid! It is not a slip of the tongue when people are talking about “cost” when human rights are involved. The same applies to investing in employees. This is only done because it yields a profit or guarantees one. In itself, making a profit is a good argument, let there be no doubt about that. My point is that almost all decisions are made primarily, only, and above all, from the principle: “How will this improve our economical and financial status?”

Missing the point

Our whole society is almost entirely based on possession, money and economic growth. On greed and show motives, such as improper will of power and urge of possession. All of this, to compensate for anxiety, dependence and inferiority. If people present themselves exclusively or too much in this way, they are rightly accused of “window-dressing”. But even less conspicious decision making is too often completely or particularly based on economic motives. Our society has gone too far in materialistic principles and orientation.

Back to our original values and standards

It is high time that we return to our Self and to Be. That love is Love again and not camouflaged self-interest. That confidence is Confidence again and not confidence solely based on rules, procedures, contracts and control. That inner strength is Strength again and not abused by physical force and degenerated to improper will of power. That wisdom is Wisdom again and not overruled by only book learning and knowledge. That beauty is Beauty again and not determined by false motives and financial gain. That truth is Truth again and not abused to tyrannize others, to terrorize and oppress.

Again there is nothing wrong with contracts, rules, procedures, control, book learning and physical strength. And not with material possessions either. But it is all about the purity of our motives and principles. The point is that the aforementioned seven qualities, which are present in every human being, become the basic starting point again of decision making and our actions. And to restore the balance between to be and to have. For that purpose I introduced, as the successor to postmodernism, the Philosophy of the Connection: Ennism. See the article “The time is ripe for Ennism: The Philosophy of the Connection” (30-11) on my personal weblog.

The century of Ennism, awakening psychology and awakening management

Hopefully, the sustainable profit of this economic and financial crisis is that we, individually and collectively, remember our Source and Solidarity. For that purpose I introduced awakening psychology and the integrated awakening management. Not only intended as a contribution to gain insight, but also to give concrete and practical handles about how we can actually give concrete form to certain ideas. Talking about Trust, and saying that we should retrieve it is fine, but only if we are shown how. And that is exactely what awakening management does.



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